Insects are depicted in the earliest artistic or ritual drawings. Since the Renaissance, insects have appeared in many paintings, especially drawings and prints. It is striking that from the very beginning to the present day, scientific observations have also exhibited the highest artistic qualities and, conversely, artistic representations usually also have a high scientific standard.
The exhibition Das Insekt. Zu Darstellung in (Zeichen-)Kunst und Wissenschaft at the Kunsthalle Mannheim aims to show the fascination with these animals, which is reflected in beautiful, often extremely meticulous drawings. The representation of insects throughout the history of art and science is also a central theme in the oeuvre of LEA GREBE, whose works are part of the show.

As part of the large-scale show "1.5 degrees. Interweaving Life, Cosmos, Technology" at the Kunsthalle, the group exhibition in the form of individual fragments extends across all floors of the Kunsthalle to the exhibition grounds of the Federal Garden Show Mannheim 2023.
Opening: Thursday May 11, 7 p.m. (ticket booking via website)