VOLO BEVZA | Group Show 'SUPERIOR COMFORT', Classik Hotel, Berlin

A Berlin hotel room as a place of supposed privacy and anonymity in public space becomes the exhibition venue for the group show SUPERIOR COMFORT.

What is public what is private, what is personal what is impersonal? The conceptual starting point of SUPERIOR COMFORT is the exhibition venue itself: a hotel room in the Classik Hotel Alexander Plaza in Berlin-Mitte, rented specifically for the group show. Here, the works of the seven emerging Berlin based artists are exposed to a space that contemplates the transitional phase from public to private and, in the appearance of a personal retreat, reveals the impression of the greatest possible anonymity. The exhibition considers the hotel room as a transit space, a no-man's land in which themes are reflected in their continuous change and mutability. All artists deal with retreat and the public sphere, with routines and introspection.

Opening: Mar 17 2023, 6 pm
Rosenstraße 1, 10178 Berlin
Opening Hours: Mar 18 - 19 2023, 12 - 6 pm