Vernissage 22.10.2023 | 12 - 16h
25.10.2023 - 14.12.2023

Julia Gruner "Entropic Motion“ (solo) feat. Liza Dieckwisch, Kathrin Graf, Klara Kayser, Bettina Marx & Nikola Ukic Group Exhibition

In her artistic concept, the artist Julia Gruner explores the boundaries of the medium of painting. An important part of her work is the experimental exploration of the material "colour" - as one of the central elements of painting - in its chemical, physical and material-aesthetic properties. In her first solo exhibition "Entropic Motion" at the Judith Andreae Gallery, a nine-metre-long mural in the main exhibition space forms the centrepiece of her conceived show, a mural on which a greatly enlarged scan of everyday, coloured household liquids and objects such as washing powder, shampoo, food colouring, cling film, mouthwash, cooking oil and cleaning gloves can be seen.

The second exhibition space will be occupied by guest artists whom Julia Gruner has met during her artistic career, with whom she has already realised projects and exhibitions, conceived artistic performance and video works or who have made her curious about a future collaboration.
The group exhibition under the format feat. Liza Dieckwisch, Kathrin Graf, Klara Kayser, Bettina Marx and Nikola Ukic does not only enter into connections with the works of Julia Gruner on the aesthetic level. All the artists share a strong interest in the question of "materiality" and how this can be translated into painting and sculpture.

Special Event
Artist Talk with Beat Wismer and Julia Gruner
at the Finissage on Thursday, 14 Dezember 2023

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Julia Gruner "Entropic Motion“ (solo) feat. Liza Dieckwisch, Kathrin Graf, Klara Kayser, Bettina Marx & Nikola Ukic

Artist Mukbang - Liza Dieckwisch and Julia Gruner, Kathrin Graf, Julia Gruner, Klara Kayser, Bettina Marx, Nikola Ukić


Andreas Bausch, Arno Beck, Tiziana Jill Beck, Stefanie Brehm, Johannes Brus, Felix Contzen, Hildegard Elma, Pia Ferm, Jaime Gajardo, Lukas Glinkowski, Lea Grebe , Julia Gruner, Gudrun Kemsa, Claudia Mann, Achim Mohné, Victoria Pidust, Regine Schumann, David Benedikt Wirth, Antje Zeiher , Francis Zeischegg

OOO | Out Of Office x Gallery Weekend Berlin 2023

Stefanie Brehm, Pia Ferm, Lukas Glinkowski, Regine Schumann, Tobias Vetter

Elma | Gruner - Thema und Variation

Hildegard Elma, Julia Gruner


Andreas Bausch, Stefanie Brehm, Johannes Brus, Felix Contzen, Jaime Gajardo, Lea Grebe , Claudia Mann, Rune Mields, Regine Schumann, Antje Zeiher


Lea Grebe , Claudia Mann, Birgitta Weimer

Andreas Bausch

Andreas Bausch


Jaime Gajardo, Lea Grebe , Antje Zeiher , Francis Zeischegg


Andreas Bausch, Johannes Brus, Felix Contzen, Pia Ferm, Jaime Gajardo, Lea Grebe , Birgitta Weimer, Francis Zeischegg


Pia Ferm, Lukas Glinkowski, Julia Gruner, Antje Zeiher


Stefanie Brehm, Hildegard Elma


Andreas Bausch, Felix Contzen, Lukas Glinkowski, Gudrun Kemsa

Painting forward

Stefanie Brehm, Jaime Gajardo, Antje Zeiher


Viktoria Strecker

Who's afraid of mirrors?

Regine Schumann


Rune Mields, Regine Schumann


Jaime Gajardo

Flashlight one

Regine Schumann

Gallery Artists

Regine Schumann

Idee Konkret

Regine Schumann

Illusion Natur

Jaime Gajardo, Regine Schumann, Birgitta Weimer