JULIA GRUNER | Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven

Group Show "Oh clouds, oh storms, oh winds... KUNST IM STURM", at the Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven. Opening on Friday, December 8 from 6 pm. Duration: 9.12.203 to 18.02.2024.

                Wild, destructive, exhilarating, unbridled and brimming with energy: Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven is devoting itself with the theme of the storm to a meteorological phenomenon that plays a very special role on the North Sea coast. »Oh clouds, oh storms, oh winds ...« brings works of art to Wilhelmshaven that deal with or are directly exposed to storms: paintings, videos, sound installations, wind sculptures, weather vanes, and a storm siren invite visitors to experience the full force of nature – both indoors and outdoors.
A loosely laid out art trail leads from the town hall via the Kunsthalle to the coast and invites visitors to discover artworks created especially for the exhibition. Audio experiences featuring the storm in art, literature, science and music accompany the works along the way. In the Kunsthalle itself one sees winds gnawing at the flag of the USA, encounters the offshore wind farms near Heligoland and scenes of devastation wreaked by hurricanes, gets caught up in the dialogue between two wind socks, and can experience a musical storm composition with every fibre of one’s body.The ›calm before the storm‹ holds sway over the Kabinett: here, works from the municipal collection and the Graphothek, together with music, literature and East Frisian tea invite visitors to linger while wintry winds blow around the Kunsthalle.

Artists: Katja Aufleger I Robert Barry I James Benning I Céline Berger I Monica Bonvicini I Liza Dieckwisch I Julia Gruner I Hans van Koolwijk I Kaffe Matthews I Dennis Oppenheim I Marie Pietsch I Simon Ringelhan I Ursula Sax I Adrien Vescovi
and works from the Wilhelmshaven Municipal Collection & Graphotek